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Desired Outcome from Partnership with a Leadership Coach

In addition to successful coaching and mentoring, today’s best leaders are those that form relationships and collaborate well with their teams. They’ve invested in their own personal leadership growth by either getting training or partnering with a leadership coach.

An effective relationship with your leadership coach can be extremely rewarding if: (i) you have a coach that is knowledgeable and has a fair amount of experience in significant leadership roles – be careful of coaches that have never been “in your shoes” so to speak; (ii) you focus and drill down on specific areas where you can, and want to, experience growth; and (iii) you allow your coach in – be vulnerable and form the relationship of trust that is necessary for success.

The desired outcome from your relationship with your leadership coach should show up in the following ways:

· You will be prepared for leadership opportunities in the future. When the opportunity presents itself you will be ready.

· You will overcome self-limiting beliefs.

· You will develop a plan that you will be accountable for and take ownership for achieving the goals that you will set for yourself.

· You will improve your productivity.

· You will communicate more effectively.

· You will learn conflict resolution skills.

· You will build upon existing leadership skills as well as learn new ones. You may even uncover a new talent that was hiding or waiting to be discovered.

As a leader you should be excited about traveling the path of personal development which will ultimately unlock your ability to lead from a place of authenticity.

You surely have many more questions that will need to be answered before your decision is made. Congratulations for taking the first step.

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