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What Life Coaching is NOT

"Someone to help you see your forest through the trees..." GSM

Life Coaching is NOT therapy.

Therapy or counseling often looks to the past in order to discover, heal and understand how the person got to their present condition. It's often considered when something inside which is "broken" needs to be "fixed", or something misunderstood or unacknowledged needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.

Life coaching looks to the future to make a good life even better.

Life coaching is not consulting

A good life coach will not tell clients what to do or prescribe specific courses of action based on their own desires. Instead, the coach-client relationship is about empowering the client to create goals that represent their true purpose, with the coach acting as a guide, motivator and facilitator to reaching those goals.

It is not about giving you the answer, but rather about guiding you on the journey to figuring out your own best answers. It is about helping you to become a better you – releasing your authentic self.

A life coach is not a mentor

Mentors typically use their own life or career experiences to provide knowledge or to advise clients on a course of action. A life coach may utilize the wisdom and guidance from their own personal experiences, but it is to allow clients to gain different perspectives as they travel the path of their own journey.

So what is a life coach?

A life coach is a partner who collaborates with you on your agenda. They listen actively and without judgement and gives you direct, honest feedback. You both work together on your goals, your interests and passions, your professional and personal development.

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